Our Story

Dear Lovers of Wild + Urban Clothing

Who is WEAVE?
Weave is art expressed though natural textiles and design.   Devoted to living a wholistic, sustainable lifestyle,  Weave is committed to nurturing our village and offering natural, eco-friendly clothing selections to adorn yourself in.
Deeply inspired by nature, rivers, oceans and the earth, moon and stars.  Weave has been born from years of study, research and trial runs from the creative seed of Ali's  first born clothing line ancientFUTURES.  
Ali Genevieve is committed to the delight & meditation of the creative process. In her role as mother, dancer, wife, wildcrafter, gardener, alchemist, animal lover, sister, dance facilitator, creatrix, and musician she loves to wear gorgeous clothing made in sync with the rhythms of nature. She is reverently in communication with emerging truth and the many faces that come forward on the transformational journey of life. ♥︎

Weave clothing aspires to nurture the amazing body temple that houses your soul. Each piece that weave offers is a celebration of colour & design,  with intention to  honour the special person who will wear it. We know how good it feels to wear something that resonates with how you want to feel - comfortable, beautiful and natural. Our clothes can carry you in your everyday experiences of joy, grief, determination, anger, silliness, empowerment, bliss, peace and all the other real experiences that come with being human. You'll feel the love & magic in these creations. 

Where is WEAVE?
We are located on a pristine acreage on the sacred Cowichan River on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. We love to spend our time hiking the trails along the river, climbing the local mountains and playing in the gardens on our property and spend many hours in the studio on the land.

How long has WEAVE been in business? 
Ali Genevieve has been passionately making clothing with the momma business ancientFUTURES since 2009. ancientFUTURES began as a ecstatic dance and percussion/performance troupe and then after bringing 3 beautiful babies into the world, her creative expression needed to reside closer to home.

Weave was originally born as a joint venture with a beloved sister Christy Greenwood who supported Weave to come into her full potential by crafting her branding and initiating the website then carried on to pursue her own creative journey through her massage and online e-course. www.christygreenwood.ca  

Weave whispered her vision to Ali in 2015 with a desire to create an evolution in her expression. Ali knew she wanted to grow the garden of her designs to serve more people and rise up to create enough product to supply the demand.  With Ali's experience in design & the clothing industry she has set sail on the magical Weave Ship. 
Our online store opened Winter 2017. 


Please note being a small business and trying to run it as sustainably as possible.  We cannot guarantee all items are in stock in their colours as listed. We travel to many shows and festivals and this sometimes means we sell out of a particular fabric or colour. We will do our best to keep our site updated as best as possible and will contact you immediately if we are unable to fill your order and will offer you options or a full refund.  Thank you for your support.

Find Us In Internet Land:

It is an honour  and delighted to create for you!
From my hearts to yours,
  ♥︎  Ali 
 I invite you to wander with my family and i through our wild & creative world on my personal instagram page. Injoy xo
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