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ancientFUTURES  is the mother ship and laboratory of Weave. Founded in 2006 as a ecstatic dance & percussion, musical arts and performance crew. It's creative expression transformed into textile arts as Ali Genevieve & Chris Bertin choose to reside close to home beside the river to raise their 3 babes. ancientFUTURES began solely working with hand dyed merino wool, limited edition wearable art.  As the community continued to support and encourage ancientFUTURES, we began exploring other textiles and became very fond of the bamboo/cotton blends.

ancientFUTURES is the nursery for all of Weave's designs. One of a kind, unique designs focussed on hand dyed merino wool, bamboo cotton and hemp fibres. ancientFUTURES is sold on consignment at 6 boutiques on the West Coast and continues to be the midwife for Weave Creations unfolding expression.   ancientFUTURES enjoys participating in local craft fairs and doing custom work for the community. ancientFUTURES loves making children's clothing and accessories using the smaller offcuts and is committed to slow fashion and minimal waste.