Feel free to express yourself naturally.
Explore your wild & urban world wearing
sustainable luxury.
Weave Creations is a clothing line created and designed by Ali Genevieve.  Born from her lifetime devotion to all forms of creative expression. Weave's designs are deeply inspired by the lines, colours, and contours found in nature. From the spaces between the stars, to the lips of the curling waves, within the sprouts of the new growth on the trees, and in the sound of the river.  Weave creations knows that just as unique as each falling leaf is,  so is every beautiful body walking on this planet. We aspire to make clothing that reflects your comfort, confidence and radiates self love, this is the recipe we follow with each design.  You are a masterpiece and we hope our creations will remind you of the gift you truly are.
Eco-fashion, natural fibres, slow fashion are all very important in our mission to bring you comfortable, inspiring daily wear.
Weave creations designs are versatile enough for yoga, dance, dinner parties, exercise, and daily function with flare.